Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in a Legal subscription?

Subscriptions are crafted to your company’s needs.  Available packages include the Startup Counsel, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Packages.  No reason to pay for services you don’t need.  Regardless of the subscription package you choose, you receive the following Core Services: 1) Annual Registration filing and corporate governance and related documentation for Annual Meeting of shareholders or Members; 2) Contract review (at least 20 pages per month); 3) One strategy meeting with management per month; 4) Four advisory conference calls per month.

What if the company’s needs change?

Every quarter, we review the actual services provided to your company and mutually agree on the new level of services to be provided and the corresponding change, if any, to the fixed subscription fee charged. If a new project arises outside your package, you can add the project to your subscription for a one-time fixed project fee.

Is every legal matter Impacting My Company included?

No, there are likely to be some unexpected legal services that your company will have that aren’t included in the subscription that you select. We are happy to perform these unexpected services for  a discounted fixed fee. After you brief us on your needs, we will provide you the fixed price.

How long is a subscription? Can I cancel it?

Subscriptions run month-to-month.  You can cancel anytime upon giving us 30 days notice.  That’s it. No long-term obligation.  Our goal and expectation is you’ll quickly appreciate the unmatched flexibility, value and expertise of our services.

Can I talk to a live attorney?

Absolutely!  Feel free to call us anytime.  If not immediately available, we promise to call you back no more than 24 hours after you call us.

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