A Better Legal Solution For Your Company

counsel when you need it

Get legal advice when you need it from someone you trust, and just as importantly, from someone who knows you and your business.

peace of mind knowing costs

With a flat fee, budgeting becomes a breeze. No need to fear opening your monthly legal bill.

experience you need

With decades of corporate law experience both as in-house and outside counsel, we know how to help you solve your business challenges in a legally "smart" way.

Reduce Corporate Overhead

No need to have lawyers included in your company's headcount for payroll purposes. Use NextGC instead.

It All Starts With an Assessment

The first thing we do is listen to you.  We learn everything we can about your business.  Its owners, employees, products and services, significant transactions, intellectual property, business strategies, and short-term and long-term goals. After we assess your legal and business needs, we help you select the most appropriate subscription package.  The flat fee for this assessment and initial review process is $1,500 which will be credited against your account if you sign on.  

Package 1: StartUp Counsel

Perfect for the startup company. Services include startup advice and continuing corporate governance and related documentation for investors. Legal support for capitalizing the new company is included as well. We will register your company with the state. We will assist and file your initial trademark registration. Plus we’ll assist you setting up employee and independent contractor agreements and provide you continuing human resources support on employment law issues.  We know contracts are a part of any business. With this package, we’ll provide contract support, including contract review, up to 20 pages per month.  We’ll also participate in an annual business review conference to stay abreast of new internal business developments at your company

Package 2: Chief Legal Officer

Perfect for the established small to mid-size company. Services include contract preparation and review as needed throughout the month, support to your HR function on all employee or contractor related matters (e.g., hiring, discipline and termination). We believe effective employee training is critical, so this package includes an annual employee training session on HR topics (e.g., avoiding harassment and discrimination claims in the workplace). We’ll provide support on regulatory compliance challenges as they arise as well as manage your trademark and copyright inventory. Plus, we’ll participate in an annual business review conference to stay abreast and provide guidance on new internal developments impacting the company..

Package 3: General Counsel

Perfect for the established company seeking an active in-house general counsel without the financial burdens of having an attorney on your payroll. Services include handling all corporate governance, contract, regulatory, trademark, and copyright and employment matters affecting your company. Plus we’ll be your legal partner on strategy, business development and marketing matters. We’ll monitor your business compliance as well. We’ll also participate as needed in your business meetings to better understand the legal issues challenging the company.

Counsel On Demand

Not ready to sign up for a monthly flat fee subscription service? Our On-Demand Services may be the best fit for your company. Whether it’s a startup question, contract negotiation, urgent employment law matter, understanding the benefits of registering a trademark, or some other legal matter affecting your company, we can help. 

On Demand Conference Call – Sometimes, an On-Demand Conference Call with an experienced lawyer for 30-60 minutes will be all you need.  Fees for On-Demand Conference Calls with an experienced attorney start at $275. 

On Demand Project Counsel– Have a one-time project that you need help with? Experienced attorney services are available for Contract Matters (e.g., negotiation and drafting), Business Formation, and Trademark/Copyright (e.g., clearance search and federal registration). Fees for Project Services start at $1,000 and will be based on your particular project needs.

There Is No Fee For An Introductory Call.

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