Subscription Legal Services

It’s time to take the guesswork out of your legal budget and enroll in a legal services subscription through NextGC. It’s like having in-house counsel, but without the burdensome overhead. You’ll have legal counsel on speed dial to handle any legal question you may have. Plus, given its simplicity and fixed fee billing arrangement, you’ll likely reach out for legal advice more frequently when needed, that means you’ll move your business forward faster, while at the same time reducing risk and exposure.

Why a Subscription?

Many companies do not have the time to engage an outside law firm, sign a retention agreement and provide a retainer for every legal need or question they have. This means businesses do not always seek the legal guidance they truly need. Now, there is a better way. Introducing legal subscription services by NextGC. It’s a perfect match for the way companies want to work.

Can't I Just Hire In-House Counsel?

Of course that’s always an option. However, before going down that path, know that hiring an experienced attorney will likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in salary and benefits. Plus, that individual takes up a spot on your headcount, limiting your ability to hire other revenue generating staff. The subscription service provided by NextGC provides the same “business partner” approach, but wrapped in a much less costly solution. You’ll get a lawyer who knows your business intimately, who can guide you through business challenges, and who is always there to answer your questions, no matter how big or small.

Subscription Service Customized Around You

Regardless of your company size or growth stage, a legal subscription can fit your business needs. There are three standard packages to choose from to get you started. However, we know each company is different, so if you need a modified subscription solution, just call us. We’ll work together to define the right level of service for your company. Go ahead, give us a call, the first meeting is complimentary.

See What NextGC Can Do For You.

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